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Never worry about your patio furniture again with high-quality fabrics from the expert team at Lulu Fabrics. Our selection of outdoor upholstery fabrics includes a variety of beautiful designs that are resistant to anything the weather can throw at them. Perfect for both residential and commercial environments, our collection is a great way to upgrade the furniture you have rather than replace it. We offer outdoor upholstery fabrics in a variety of styles and patterns, including many traditional and contemporary patterns that you’re sure to love. You can browse our complete lineup of fabrics in the shop today. Contact us today to learn more and to place an order!

When it comes to elevating your home project with the finest traditional upholstery fabric patterns, Lulu Fabrics is your exclusive haven! Whether you're a seasoned designer or a DIY enthusiast, our expert team is here to make your home project dreams a reality!

With a vast selection of top brands in the industry, we take pride in offering you the finest traditional fabrics at unbeatable prices. Each pattern has been carefully curated to ensure it adds a touch of elegance and charm to any space.

At Lulu Fabrics, we believe in flexibility, which is why our fabrics are available by the yard. Say goodbye to wastage and hello to cost-effective solutions, as you only pay for what you need. Our traditional upholstery fabric patterns are perfect for breathing new life into vintage furniture or infusing classic beauty into any creation.