Creating Abundance In A Small Space

Creating Abundance In A Small Space

Today, small space living is famous for homeowners who want to downsize and young couples and families who wish to create a simpler lifestyle with minimal upkeep and expense. Small spaces can be exceptionally comforting and inviting, providing the basic needs and plenty of extravagance and upgrades. The fact is that small does not necessarily mean less than.

If you have a small space that you want to breathe new life into or move into a smaller dwelling altogether, the following decorating tips will allow you to make the most of your space with inspired design to fit your lifestyle.

Color Palette

Color not only makes a space, but it also creates the mood of it. Choosing a color palette for smaller spaces may be overlooked as it is easy to focus only on furnishings rather than the decor. However, when it comes to small space design, determining a color scheme in advance brings a well-rounded strategy.

Some colors create an illusion of a larger space, such as pastels, whites, off-whites, and muted earthy tones. These colors create an expansive feel to any space, especially a small one. If you love darker tones, use them as accent pieces in your room to make your style pop.

Unique Re-Purposing

Small spaces get a punch of pizzaz with unique re-purposed items. Since you will have fewer items in your small area by design, put effort into making them extra special. For example, using an oak barrel as the base of a glass table adds interest to a functional, necessary piece of furniture. Or, use attractive baskets or galvanized buckets to hold items such as towels or kitchen utensils to make your small space feel more organically designed.

Personality In Fabric

Bring your personality into your small space by using beautiful fabrics in your design. Material is one of the most versatile and transformative design tools you can use to upgrade your space. From accent pillows to recovering outdated furniture, fabric provides an outlet to let your creativity flow. Choosinghigh-quality decorative materials for your small space is essential to the success of your vision. Research designs to find your style and mix and match patterns with solid colors to achieve your look.

Light Up Your Space

Lighting is crucial in a small space. If your small area has an abundance of natural light, you are in luck. If not, bring light sources that match your design into your space to give it the illusion of bright natural light, which automatically provides the room with a spacious feel. Highlight architectural features or artwork with spotlights to give your space a highly designed sense.

The Take-Away

Small spaces can be sanctuaries that provide comfort and inspiration through intentional design. With a focus on a few design elements, your small space will give infinite rewards.

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