Trends In Home Décor 2021

What a year it has been! We’ve spent more time home than ever, resulting in quite the transformation. People are craving a cozy and comfortable ambiance in the place they spend their time. Individuality, personality, and nostalgia are priorities. So, what do experts predict will be the dominant interior design trends of 2021?


Mix It Up

Today’s designer has tired of the all-white interiors and monochromatic catalog style decorating. Matchy-matchy has left the building! It’s time to mix patterns of different styles, like geometrics with florals. Using various textures and fabrics for upholsteries, rugs, and draperies is sure to bring the warmth and comfort you need to lean into your new homebody status.


Industrial Interior

This design trend focuses on stonework, wood, and metal elements. What upholstery and fabrics best accompany this style? Neutrals! Palettes consisting of gray, black, and white with darker tones for a moody layer complete this design trend. Avoid plush fabrics and instead opt for hardworking materials.



With this vinelike species of palm making a comeback in 2021, we’ll be engaging our lush tropical side. While we often associate rattan furniture with shabby-chic and boho, it can work with a range of design styles. Rattan has a natural feel and therefore pairs well with floral and botanical prints.


Environmentally Friendly

In 2021, most people are becoming more conscious of how the products they purchase impact the environment. Shoppers want to decorate with natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and low impact linen. Another environmentally friendly trend this year is to pick up furniture secondhand. No more throw away furniture that will end up in a landfill. A lot of the furniture found in secondhand stores will be made to stand the test of time. We’re talking about higher quality materials with greater durability. It sounds like it’s time for a reupholstery project!



The pendulum swings, as they say. You may be surprised to find a comeback of a familiar aesthetic, your grandmother’s living room. Now don’t get carried away. Grandmillienial style isn’t the formal and stuffy rooms you remember. It’s more of a nod to the nostalgic and comfortable decor we remember and love. Expect to see more classic patterns like florals, toile, chintz, and plaid in upholstery.


It’s a new year! Let your home reflect your personality. Whether you’re looking to cozy up or get serious in your industrial scheme, Lulu Fabrics has what you need. We offer a wide variety of fabrics and prints to suit your mood!


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