Which type of Fabrics can be used to Reupholster your Chairs?

When we are at home we want to feel well and happy, it's a place where we spend a lot of time with friends and family,  having a great time or even watching our favorite sport event on TV, we want make this place as coziest and inviting as possible for everyone.
Depending on our budget we can find different upholstery fabric qualities, with a low budget you can reupholster your chairs or sofas, refreshing your home decor and even coordinating them with other furniture unique pieces.
What kind of fabric composition we pick for our chairs?
Upholstery fabric materials are very diverse, for your home decor chair we will recommend fabrics with at least  50% polyester content. A chair is a piece of furniture that will have a lot of use, polyester will guaranty more time of usage than other natural fibers.
100% Cotton and Linen fabrics composition are very popular and sophisticated for home decor.
Most of the times these kind of home decor fabrics are very delicates, and the durability is not the best for a daily use, these types of fabrics are more used for chairs.
Taking about colors, most of the times are very light being susceptible to steins, so maybe cotton and linen are no the best options to reupholster chairs.
Leather and Faux leather Upholstery Fabrics 
Leather and faux leather are one of the most common fabrics to upholstery chairs, with some good advantages and disadvantages of course.  At Lulu fabrics we love the durability of this material material, the main reason why is because it is easy to clean and maintain and also the texture is very pleasant. It is recommended mostly for commercial places that are used most part of the day.
What kind of design we recommend to reupholster your chair?
Our designers at Lulu Fabrics have 2 basic recommendations to our clients. First, try to stick with a small scale design, could be stripes, dots, floral or other design if you choose a more traditional style. And second, if your home decor style is more minimalist, just pick a plain solid color according with your decoration.
What Lulu Fabrics recommends you for your home upholstered chair?
The first fabric that we recommend you is the want make you feel happy and enthusiastic, after that, we will have different points to consider:
Your chair upholstery fabric should be at least  50% polyester with a cotton linen combination, so you have the natural looking, high-end and sophisticated fabric and very important an inexpensive price. At Lulu Fabrics Home Decorative Store we are more than willing to assist you, please call us if you need any advice regarding your home decor style. Give your home a fresh touch with our wonderful quality and fabric styles.
By: Lulu Fabrics

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