The Perfect Upholstery Outdoor Fabric

How to Choose the Perfect Upholstery Fabric for Your Outdoor Furniture


Lulu Types of Outdoor Upholstery Fabrics

There are various types of outdoor fabrics to use. From acrylic to polyester to vinyl, each kind has its pros and cons. 

Solution-Dyed Fabric

Softer acrylic fabrics are solution-dyed, so the fibers are dyed before the yarn is created. They lean on the more expensive side and they'll resist water but are not waterproof. 

Printed Fabric

For a less expensive fabric, there are cheaper acrylics or polyester versions that are printed. Since they are printed, they will fade faster. 

Vinyl Fabric

The last option is vinyl fabric, which is often coated in a color or pattern. Vinyl fabric is very affordable but has limited use. 


Our selection of outdoor upholstery fabrics includes a variety of beautiful designs that are resistant to anything the weather can throw at them. Perfect for both residential and commercial environments, our upholstery fabric collection is a great way to upgrade the furniture you have rather than replace it. We offer outdoor upholstery fabrics in a variety of styles and patterns, including many traditional and contemporary patterns that you’re sure to love. You can browse our complete lineup of fabrics in the shop today. Contact us today to learn more and to place an order!

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