Six Decor Fabrics From Lulu Fabrics

This season, check out a lot of the decorative patterns that we have available to dress up drapes, curtains, pillows and everything else that you use inside and outside.

 What are we excited about? Here are some staff picks that you can use to get a better curb appeal for your surroundings, with the value that you’d expect from a top supplier. 


Key Biscayne

 These colorful flowers are laid out on a repeating pattern with pleasant-looking leaf and paddle design in a more vibrant palette. Our people really love this clustering and the spectrum of hues that are involved, on a clean white background. 


Living Birds

 Here you get a combination of flora and fauna, on something that might look like a Hawaiian shirt that you pick up in a store. Grab a roll of this stuff for a natural retro look. 


Oxford Rose

 Part of what people like about this particular design is the brilliant pinks of the floral arrangement. Pink and light red hues dominate this pattern, which makes it great for adding a splash of warm color to something cool, or drawing the eye in a more neutral arrangement. Think of a pillow on a swing chair, or a blanket on a bed. 


Palm Beach Summer

 This pattern is a little different. Where a lot of the ones above feature a natural-looking organic design, this is a strictly shaped pattern fabric with an alternating set of “leaves” going up and down the cloth. You can also see a color spectrum applied here, which is part of what draws the eye toward this type of display.



 Going back to organic floral prints, you have some pink blooms in a broader color pattern, and something you might associate with old country parlors or vintage home wares. Sometimes it’s these throwbacks that help you to put together a striking ambience for a new set of furnishings.


Jacobean Rust

 Here's a more neutral and austere pattern with a gray/blue contrast. Sometimes these cooler fabrics add grandeur to an indoor or outdoor furniture scheme in a way that you would not expect. 


Retro Disco

 This checked pattern is a neat geometric choice. Take a look for surface tapestries and more. 

 What all of these have in common is the guarantee of quality from a trusted e-commerce seller, with a track record of supplying fabric for high quality projects. Ask us any questions about supply, style, pricing, etc. We aim to please!



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