Making Loose Fabric Into Cool Stuff

As we continue to offer great durable and useful brightly colored fabrics to our customers, we think it's worth talking about how people use these products to create eye-catching and impressive results.

We get all kinds of customers who want to use our fabrics for various home improvement goals, or to renew some type of personal item that could stand to have a different ‘face’ in terms of its material covering. These high-quality products give the phrase “home makeover” a whole new meaning, and you can get a lot of value without a lot of cost!

In many cases, seeing the loose fabric helps to get you inspired and thinking about what you could use this stuff for. We have pictures on our website that sort of illustrate this idea, and as you stare at them, you start to think about all of the great things you could do with a bundle of this material. The possibilities are nearly endless, and with a little hard work, your home could be a brighter, cheerier place. 

Upholstery and More

Yes, many of our customers use our fabrics for upholstery and chairs or seating. But that's not the only use case for these types of fabrics. You can make clothes, recondition couch cushions or build a soft folding bed of the traditional kind that people use to camp out in someone else's room (for example, when a child needs Mom or Dad due to nightmares or fear of the dark.) You can create curtains and drapery and other cool housewares out of the raw material that's made specifically to stand the tests of time and look great in your home. You’ll love walking by these eye-catching designs and thinking: “I made that myself!” It’s also easy to get cheap foam interiors and just make cushions and other items from scratch. 

Getting Samples

We always encourage customers to get samples, so that they can see the color and style of the material, but also in order to get the feel of the texture and observe the weave of the material before they go forward. Samples for color matching are always available, so let us know what you need.

We’re proud to be one of the best shippers of high-quality home and housewares fabrics around. Take advantage of a modern ecommerce operation with a compelling catalog, great shipping, and affordability. Bookmark us if you are a DIYer who loves brightly colored things!

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