Four Uses For Durable Textiles

Four Uses For Durable Textiles


Sometimes any fabric will do, but in other cases, you need a particular durable fabric that will do the job well.


In that case, we have the hardy, durable fabrics that you need. All of that with color-fast print and quality design work that make our products so popular in interior and exterior design. Why do we make it our business to offer these kinds of heavy-duty fabrics? Because we know how important they can be for exterior and interior design.




If you're only designing small, frilly curtains that are mostly ornamental for windows, a thin, fragile fabric may do the trick. But lots of the best drapery systems are made with thick, quality-weave materials that have some substance to them. You see the difference when you look at these installations on the wall, and you definitely feel the difference when you touch them. Their grandeur adds quite a bit to a building.




This idea of getting durable, persistent fabrics is particularly important for upholstery. Trying to upholster pillows or seats or anything else with thin fabric leads to a multitude of problems with tearing, excessive wear and more. Simply put, for upholstery you need the real goods – durable textiles that will stand up to the pressure of construction and continued use. Professionals know this, and it’s smart to seek out the right heavy fabrics for upholstery projects if you are going a DIY route.


Outdoor Installations


Some of our textiles are also good for setting up outdoor flags and banners and subjecting these printed items to the elements. You may or may not be installing them under an effective cover, but either way, you want strong fabrics that will last, to carry your message to passers-by, and adorn your home or property year in and year out.


Costume Making


If you're the type who wants to create a nice costume for the next big comic or fan convention, you may want to invest in some quality fabrics that will rest heavily on your shoulders and provide for a thicker result for a robe, faux armor or anything else that you’re designing for personal wear.


This is not the full range of uses for our excellent textile products, but these are some of what customers usually think about using our products for as they shop. For more, browse the site and see what we put into our products to make them good candidates for your next project.



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