Fall Patterns – Check Them Out For Autumnal Glory!


Here at Lulu Fabrics, fall is one of our favorite seasons.

 Okay, we have four favorite seasons. But really, autumn is really up there, especially with some very beautiful fall patterns that customers can take a look at to imagine how to dress up their bodies or their homes in neat, sophisticated full designs that inspire and comfort!

 Leaf and Twig Fall Patterns

 Part of what you'll see in our catalog is brightly colored, crisp and clear leaf and twig visuals, on fabric patterns that can be used for anything from curtains and drapes to outside cushions or other home furnishings.

 Made with the same durability and care as our other textiles, these fall patterns really draw the eye. They are top sellers, too! They’re practically flying off of the shelves as people get serious about decorating for a holiday season like no other. Last year was tough! We wish you a much more enjoyable holiday season this year. 

 More Specific Fall Patterns

 If you're looking at our autumn sale pattern products, take a look at Bridge Nutmeg, a rich rust toned design, or Goran Coral.

 Another favorite is our classic birds-brown pattern with repeating shapes and earth tone colors that look great on window dressings or anything else.

 For a nice southwestern autumn design, take a look at Boho Elk, a design with a sort of nostalgic Art Deco approach.

 Autumn Fabric Offers

 When you have the fabric that you want, take a look at how to get free shipping on orders of over $79.99. You can also order a two-dollar sample to see what these fabrics look like up close!

 Solid Color and “Staid” Patterns

These are all great, but you might want something less variable overall, like a solid color or finely patterned print. Check out our Sterling Mocha, New Mexico Brown, Bogotá Red and Eagle Merlot for four additional choices in fall fabrics, to spruce up furniture and apparel and housewares for this approaching holiday season!

We are proud to help you make the best of what you own. That’s part of what’s behind our ecommerce model, which we think is pretty competitive in terms of customer service. When you buy online, you want it to be easy! We’re here to help. Ask us any questions about what you’re looking for, for a dose of flair and fashion this fall. 

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