Fabric’s Starring Role In Design Trends

As we look forward into fabric pattern and design trends, we must first pay homage to the past. In contrast to the minimalism that has been popular in design of recent years, we blaze the trail out of the past decade and into the new as the pendulum swings towards maximalism. The maximalist approach to design is all encompassing, embracing layers of colors and patterns and risk taking in an nod to design of the past.


Perfect Patterns

Patterns of the maximalist genre have a wide range, encouraging experimentation in style and an unabashed personalization. Cabana stripes mix with animal prints, tropical motiefs compliment classical lines, the unexpected is expected, which makes this new era in design that much more inspirational.


Adding these iconic-modern designs to your home is easy, and totally customizable to your personal taste and preference. Pattern-on-pattern custom throw pillows can add pop to traditional seating for those who like to create new looks frequently. For the more adventurous who are ready for an overhaul of their interior spaces, finding common threads through color and theme can help to create vibrant and new room design.


Neutrals As Bases, Not Primaries

New design asthetics is moving away from the prominence of neutral colors in interior design. Where once the muted pallets of greys, beiges, and creams held primary roles in our color stories, these tones are now playing supporting roles as bases of pattern and rich color contrasts.


Neutrals create a break for the eye and allow pattern and color to take the lead. Tone on tone neutral patterns are being mixed with brightly hued florals to create romantic looks and are used in stripes to present classic backdrops for bold animal patterns.


Bright Blues & Garden Greens

Blues and greens tend to remain classic colors that merge easily into new designs and trends. These colors create a freshness and an air of clarity and calm as they bring the beauty of the outdoors into our interior spaces. Almost everyone can relate to the energized feeling created by a big blue sky and crisp greens of the natural world. These colors automatically work with any style of decor and can be incorporated easily as solids or patterns.



Your Home, Your Style

Your home reflects your lifestyle, and the color stories you choose in fabric create spaces that promote energy, relaxation, and comfort. As the trends in decor continue to broaden our options for new ways to approach interior design, we are given inspiration through color and pattern to create beautiful spaces to enjoy. Find your next inspiration at Lulu Fabrics.


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