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Whether it's the desire for a new upholstery due to unavoidable traces of time or simply an upcoming furniture purchase; many times we face this question of which upholstery fabric would be the right one. In addition to the visual requirements, the technical aspect should play an equally important role here. You can find various wholesale upholstery fabrics according to your needs. To find the right one, ask the right questions. What piece of furniture is it? Where does it stand & from what perspectives can you see it? How often is it used? Are there pets or children in the family? 

Upholstery fabrics: synthetic fiber vs. natural fiber


Upholstery Fabrics


As a rule of thumb, upholstery fabrics with synthetic fiber content such as polyester or elastane are generally easier to care for, more durable, and do not wrinkle as quickly. They are also usually more resistant to sunlight.

Textiles made of natural fibers are far more environmentally friendly, can be draped wonderfully, and are soft to the touch & also to the look. In addition, they develop a unique patina over time – whether you like it should be considered beforehand.

However, you should follow some caution for UV radiation & dirt. But this threatens to disappear quickly in direct sunlight. On the other hand, you can detect stains & discolorations on velvet that is not technically equipped, which is often better cleaned by an expert. However, cotton, also a natural fiber, proves to be quite uncomplicated, hard-wearing, and elastic, making it a popular choice for upholstered furniture.

The Martindale Rub Test

In terms of durability and resistance, the Martindale rub test gives a good indication of upholstery fabrics. The test measures the number of frictions that the fabric can withstand without the thread starting to break. As a result, textiles for furniture upholstery fabrics have different performance classes.

For everyday use, a fabric should have at least 20,000 to 25,000 rubs, anything less than that is more suitable for a pillowcase or a rarely used piece of furniture. From 30,000 to 40,000 rubs, the fabric is considered particularly abrasive. Therefore, these are suitable for the cover of the furniture at public facilities. 

The question of optics

Once the technical questions have been clarified, the next step is to look at the optics. Would you like it wildly patterned, romantically floral or would you prefer a classic plain fabric? In addition to personal preferences, the structure and color of the fabric also the type and shape of the piece of furniture should play a role in the decision.

Textiles can usually do without a mix of patterns, as the textured fabric alone makes the fabric an eye-catcher. 

Despite the previous knowledge of materials and colors, it is always worthwhile to order a larger sample to let the fabric cover work at home at different times of the day. We also always consider the coordination with a furnisher or interior decorator to be a good investment in well-being. You can find many new and traditional upholstery fabrics at Visit the site now to find various kinds.


Upholstery Fabrics

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