Best Ways to Match Your Special Room to Your Upholstery


With new fabrics additions, sometimes you may be tempted to change the whole look of your furniture, even if the new fabric doesn't match with the room. Finding the perfect excuse to redecorate, right?

Here are some simple ways for integrating a whole NEW FABRIC COLOR into your room:

ACCENT WALLS: Matching an accent wall to a particular upholstery color will add a color theme and create balance in a room. The upholstery can match and complement a wall color.

LAMPS: Add lamps that match the fabric color of the furniture. Matching lamps can also balance the perspective of the room.

RUGS: Rugs are optional, in the photo bellow there is no rug complimenting this decoration. However, adding a rug could be a great way to tie the whole room together. 

PATTERNS: Give patterns a space to breathe. A great idea could be combining big scale, visually busy designs with solid/plain colors. It is not necessary having everything patterned. Always create a balance.

COLOR: Keep the color palette simple. Balance out colors and patterns with each other. For example a colorful sofa goes perfectly with patterned cushions, or a patterned ottoman, an amazing focal point.

Keep these tips in mind to balance your matching decoration.

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